How do you prepare for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Tutorial Youtube

How do you practice it? What kind of pole dance does someone like to do? There are a million questions! And for me, the more personal stuff about what to do, what to think about, and who to talk to is really valuable. It’s the things I don’t do, like pole dancing, that get the most feedback when it comes to getting that kind of dance license.

Q: What is you favorite pole dance? What is off limits?

T: If you are like me and you haven’t done pole dancing, you just think pole dancing is boring. I think pole dancing is amazing.

Q: Do you ever have a hard time doing the pole dance because it is slow?

T: You have a hard time at first because it is so hard! But once you get it, you get used to it. Like, there are certain types of people who don’t feel like they are comfortable with it, but once they get to use it, they are used to it.

Q: What about dance?

T: Dance is great!

Q: What is your favorite dance?

T: I’m obsessed with R&B. I love singing along to a lot of those songs. I am a huge fan of Soulja Boy and the whole crew, especially Pharrell [Williams]. I love being around great people. I’m actually really big into dance.

Q: What is your favorite pole dance?

T: Yeah, I love pole dancing! I love dancing to Diddy. I always loved DanceManiac. I love watching all that hip hop. It just depends on the situation. I am going to dance to anything. I just can’t wait to dance to any kind of music or to watch. Because I love all that dance music.

Q: What do you think the difference is between pole dancing and choreography classes?

T: It’s funny, because I was in a ballet class once that one semester, and the teacher actually started to teach. And you know… I was at a dance school that used to be a dance-class school! And they used to use to have an on-stage choreography studio, one or two people, and they would have everything written down before everybody entered to teach the class. And one day I found out that they had that kind of choreography studio. And that’s when I was like “OK! I think, like, dance classes

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