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By the time I got home, she was pretty wasted and I couldn’t bring myself to do anything to give her the joy she craved. But I didn’t want to hurt her, and I didn’t want to end our friendship. The last thing I think she’d want was for me to end our fun.

I knew I had to break up with her to satisfy my own sexual desires, but even at the time I knew that didn’t mean I’d end our friendship. I knew that my relationship to my father would be strained if I returned there at all, so I’d have to settle myself for my own sexual gratification there. So I told her she could stay.

She had no idea that my decision was based on me going to the hospital and telling my father. I’d always felt more comfortable telling him, as I thought it would put an end to my feelings, so I did. He had no way of proving a thing like that, and didn’t have any particular attachment to me whatsoever. But the truth is I think he would have been happy to think about it in the future; our sex life seemed to benefit from a lot of discussion and planning.

There, she’s talking, then she tells me that she’d love to tell her mother about it when she gets back, when she’s older. I told her I’d never tell her mother about it, and I’d tell my father that evening. It wasn’t fair to her, but she said it wasn’t important.

So she stayed with me, and my girlfriend did visit for about two weeks before my parents came over. We’d always be so tightly wound, I couldn’t bear the thought of going into my parents’ house. She told me she was glad I’d come, as she didn’t know where she’d find my father. She said she missed me so much, and that I was an important part of her life. She said she understood why I would be disappointed in myself.

She didn’t say anything else about the events that night, although I don’t think she wanted me to find out.

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The University of Maryland Athletic Department released its 2015-16 football schedule for the season ending Sept. 1, and this year will once again feature the likes of Florida State, North Carolina and Duke.

Last season, UMD’s 15 matchups with teams ranked outside the AP Top 150 will result in an overall attendance of 30,769 at Baltimore’s M

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