How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Pole Dance Fitness Classes Near Me 92336 Fontana

It’s just an easy enough thing to do:

Hold your arms out, and point upwards.

The ball will go straight up.

You’ll have no problem spinning the girl around, unless she pulls herself in a certain way. In which case, you’re spinning all the wrong way. Also don’t be distracted by the woman’s body parts – you’ve got four arms here!

It’s also easy to catch a girl up in the middle of flipping herself through the air. When that happens, don’t worry – there’s a way to avoid it. Hold out your arms out, and point straight-up!

(See above pic for a demonstration of doing it this way, by the way.)

As the ball hits the floor, it creates a sudden air shock. That’s the perfect setup for a spin-off of sorts:

The ball is moving sideways because the air shock has suddenly changed direction – from vertical to sideways. To get a good spin-off from this type of bounce, you have to point your arms out horizontally, and spin around. Not as easy as it sounds (but it’s still workable after practice).

But that’s where the spinning comes in – keeping the angle of the arm-pointing up the sides of the ball in front.

The spin-off is also really neat for those who like to perform moves like these at the dance classroom. To do this at your own dance studio, get a partner in hand and start spinning around – like you’re in a spinning song.

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