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How much are their salaries? What do pole dancers earn in their spare time?

It’s important to understand how much a pole dancer makes and what their wages may be.

“They don’t make as much as the other performers, but they do make a pretty good living,” says Paulie. “So if they are really passionate and serious about it, then it’s probably not out of their price range.”

What can pole dancers do on pole?

“It’s not just about the pole dancing,” says Paulie. “It’s about everything, it’s an active lifestyle.”

The pole performer does not have to be an athlete. “They can be really into fitness, too as they can work out at the club,” Paulie says. “And they can be really into music as well, even if they don’t do ballet or tap or hip hop.”
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How much do pole dancers make at clubs?

“Pole dancing generally goes very well with the economy,” says Paulie. “That’s what they do to make the most money.” As a young person who has been at clubs in London and L.A., he knows the economics that go into it well.

“When I was young, it was hard to find jobs in the entertainment sector — just because they don’t pay enough,” he says. But now pole dancing comes with better pay, he adds: “Because of the economy, it’s actually much easier to get a gig at the clubs.”

The clubs do offer pole dancers working the front, side and back of clubs or on stages. But at the moment, there are no paid pole dancing jobs. And pole dancing clubs may not accept people under 21 years old.

What does a pole dancer make? How much do pole dancers earn, and what do they make for spare time?

The average earning is about £10 to £15 per hour — that includes tips. “Not a lot of tips, because in these gigs there’s a lot of dancing,” Paulie says. “If you don’t have any experience dancing, it’s not just about getting your feet moving, but doing a few basic moves to set up a trick.”

“It’s an active lifestyle,” says Paulie. “They’re getting up at 6.30 o’clock every morning to go out dancing. They’re walking all the time — it’s an active lifestyle.”

You’ll often see pole dancers on a pole

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