How much do pole dancers make? – Pole Dancing Classes Near Menifee Ca 92584 Map

$100 for 1 hour? $400 for a week? $800 for a month? The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter. Your bottom line. It’s all bullshit and bullshit. I’ve never seen or spoken to any pole dancer (or anyone else for that matter) who claims to make that much. Most of us pole dancers make $40-60 a month in one of those three categories. For that reason, if you are an aspiring pole dancer, you are better off pursuing something else. If you are not, but do make lots of money doing it, thank you very much for the free ride you have received.

So yeah, it doesn’t matter how good you are at pole dancing, what does matter is that you keep working. And you’ll never make that much money.

What does matter is that you enjoy the process of your dance.

You can do so much with pole dancing that you’ll get over any monetary concerns by the time the next year rolls around. There are still a lot of places you can practice pole dance at that you won’t find on the pole dancing map, but here’s where you will find the best of the best:

New York City

Pole dancing is so versatile. There are more places every year in North America that will accommodate what you do than anywhere else in the world. One of the great things about pole dancing is the variety. Just find a place you like, do what they like, and you’ll likely find that same thing repeated.

New York City pole dance gyms also have one of the best communities of pole dancers you will experience anywhere. The best part is there are so many other pole dancers in New York City who will give you plenty of help to help you make money. Many clubs are more than satisfied to accept that part of the dance, but they’re generally not happy to accept the other aspect.


Even if you live in Cleveland or any other major American metropolis, consider yourself lucky. Even if you don’t have the money or the inclination to go to a club or participate in any other form of pole dancing, there are still many other places in America that will give you a fantastic time with a little bit of training. The best of which are located right around Cleveland.

New York

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Of course, the best places in New York aren’t all open 24/7. There are a couple of more general places of note around Big Apple. The

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