How much does a dance pole cost? – Pole Dance Competition 2019

The pole itself will be sold separately. For the same money as the cost of the equipment, you can put together a beautiful pole that is just as versatile as a regular dance pole!

How do I place a dance pole?

This is a great question, and it depends on if the club wishes to sell you a piece of equipment or not. Some clubs will offer you the entire pole and use you as your “customer agent”, which is a really awesome experience! The other option is to get a professional pole builder to build the pole just for you. A pole builder can usually place a pole for under five thousand dollars and they usually can put together pole that is more portable/cost effective than a dancer poleā€¦ but do you want that experience? What if the pole breaks or the guy is lazy (who knew)?

If the club wishes to sell you a piece of equipment they will require you submit a set of measurements. We’ll have all of your measurements completed at the start of the event, and we’ll send you pictures to show you how you came out of the pieces of equipment. The other option is to do it yourself, and you’re not far behind the curve. We always go first and take pictures, record how you’re looking as you try to adjust the pole to your feet and give the buyer some ideas of what they’re buying.

Who is the minimum set price to place an order with

Your minimum order is $45 USD with a minimum order of 20 pieces to be placed. We typically charge $5 USD when ordering 5 pieces at a time and charge $10 for large orders of 10 or more pieces. If you don’t see any of the pieces you requested at the dance pole place you want, please call and let us know. We strive to be the most fair price-wise and the most economical for the customer.

Can I change my purchase at any time?

Yes. We’ve had multiple calls during the year from customers who were confused by our prices for different clubs and clubs want different prices, but since you bought them, you are locked into the price. Our prices have not been affected by new models of dance poles, so anything you buy from us will not change at all unless you have a change order.

How long will my purchase take to make?

While we’re still determining the exact amount for your purchase, please give us at least 6 to 8 weeks. Most

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