How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Jo Lo Learning How To Pole Dance

When it comes to pole dancing, people sometimes get a little cocky and think they can throw in the towel and say “there can’t be any more pole dancing!” But that’s just wrong.

While a little pole dancing is okay, you’re only allowed to throw in the rope once. And that can be any length you please.

For instance, I might be pole dancing at a local club and then throw in the rope for my next club-approved show at the bar.
BASIC POLE DANCE MOVES/Giros básicos de Pole Dance Fitness ...

But if I wanted to throw in the rope for a show somewhere else, I should be able to get my first permit no problem.

For a one-time throw-in-the-ripe-line show at a local park, I might need to show up the next day, but in all other cases, I’ll be a “Pole Dancing Permit holder.”

So if you’re feeling a little cocky and wanting to throw in the towel, but you still think you can go to a show once, or even a few times a week, just call me up and I will talk to you about all the different things you can throw in a single season. I mean, you might just have to have a really good time for the whole season.

What do I need to bring with me for the show?

The first step is to bring your ticket and show ticket to the pole dancing show. It doesn’t matter what you are going to do, whether you are on a pole-dancing stick or a regular pole…you must bring your photo ID, your insurance card, a copy of your club-issued pole-dancing show ticket (with the show date). There are more questions than answers when it comes to making sure your ticket is valid…and that it is one to show at all parties for the duration of your pole dancing permit (not just at the pole dance season).

If you don’t have a club-issued pole dancing show ticket, you can bring a photo ID, a copy of your club-issued pole dancing show ticket and your insurance card. However…you must have all three items with you…and be prepared to walk away from the show early to have all the stuff (your photo ID, copy of your club’s pole dance show ticket and insurance card) together!

What do I need to show up for my pole dancing permit?

The way it works is, we do not check your photo ID,

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