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One thing about pole dancing that makes it difficult for beginners—and for all dancers—is that it’s really hard to keep your footing in the deep end. If you are taking any risks here, you must learn to use your feet and hips to get yourself unstuck.

I’m going to use the example of a dance form I teach called Paddle Dancing.

At first glance, it might seem that just about everything in the way of pole dance is simple and easy: There are no steps that have to be moved, no rope, no harnesses, no rope loops, and of course no balance of the limbs on the ground.

Yes, that is a bit of a problem, and yes, the first few weeks might seem like a bit of a struggle to learn a technique that isn’t a standard set of steps.
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But that is okay.

The second thing is that if you have the time to learn it, it can be a powerful way to learn to move with your legs rather than with your arms.

Paddle is one kind of dance that utilizes the whole body as a force that keeps the dancer balancing in a very efficient way.

The first step in this dance is the “kick” step, which is used when you are not very confident in a balance. You can use your legs to gain balance, so don’t hold on to your hands at all—just let them fall free.

Once you have an easy kick out and a fairly deep rhythm, you can move onto the next movement, which is the “dance” step. In this step, you’re using the energy that you already have in your legs to get yourself into a powerful stride by getting yourself to start with your legs in the air.

So if you aren’t comfortable with your balance skills or you aren’t sure you’ve actually got the energy to move in a powerful step, start with an easy “kick” step.

How to use the kicking process in our lessons: A lesson to get you started

By the time you master this step, you should have enough energy to move in a kicking process that’s just as powerful as a walking one, but for a fraction of the time.

As a great pole dancer at the South Florida Dance Alliance in the late 90s, I can tell you firsthand that this is how many of my students mastered their dance by the time they were ready for this step.

It’s the same

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