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A full sized pole, at minimum, can carry around 60 pounds. That weight will give a pole more resistance then a regular pole would be able to exert. This may seem odd, since a regular pole and a pole with just a little more weight will always be able to reach the same height. The reason I said a pole with just a little more weight will always be able to do the same task is that this will help you be able to adjust that pole to the height you prefer, or to simply use it as a small pole to swing around while climbing over fences. With your dance pole, if you need to make your swing over a chain link fence in order to get through, you will be using this larger pole as a normal walking pole. To help you adjust the distance you need to swing over, this taller pole will be able to hold a smaller, smaller distance than a pole made with more weight.


This part of your pole is something that will give you the biggest bang for the buck. The better your technique, the more rope you will be able to tie together. And there are so many kinds of rope that you can use (wire, hemp rope, and other rope). This will not only help you do everything else you can without the overhead support of an overhead pole, you will be able to string a full circle without a pole. I have used wire ropes that are around ten times what they should be as they just don’t work well. Hemp rope, and especially hemp rope wicks are great for use as a rope, as well as rope to string a full circle. If you are using hemp rope to string a circle though, you will need to tie your hands to the rope or else you may have problems getting your hands in the tight space.

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The pole is not only the most efficient way of getting from point A to point B, but it is also an incredible workout! I have spent hours practicing at home, at a gym, on the street, and doing a lot of hanging in an underground garage, which is what I did for the majority of my climbing. If you love to workout or just like to take your time, I highly recommend you check out the pole. For me, I wanted to buy a pair of new weights but I didn’t want to take the hassle out of a gym class or doing extra work that day to keep the weights for myself, so instead I went with a

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