How often should you practice pole dancing? – Beginning Pole Dance Moves Olga Kodak

According to the official website of Pole Dance Academy in Tokyo, it’s never too soon.

Pole dancing is often looked down upon by those in power. If your parents or peers see you doing it, they’ll probably be very displeased. People who love pole dance also tend to be very reserved about their sexual proclivities: if you’re a kinky one, then you wouldn’t really want to be seen anywhere near pole dancing, and so you’d stay away. If you’re a straight one, then you’re probably okay without pole dancing.

But Pole Dance Academy is here, and they’re putting it all to good use at one of the largest club gatherings in Tokyo. It’s called Love Live! Sunshine!!, and for the past three years, a team of professional pole dancers have held an event almost exclusively based on the anime (and, to a lesser extent, the manga) series that has gotten so popular that the series is now getting a regular anime film adaptation.

If you’re unfamiliar with pole dancing, then read this: A Beginner’s Guide to Pole Dance, because that’s pretty much everything you need to know to get better at it.

I recently attended a small dance night in Tokyo featuring a team of professional pole dancers, as well as members of our regular club. Here’s what I learned.

Pole dancing is NOT for amateurs. When you sign up for a club, you’re agreeing to join, and you can leave at any time. For regular dancing, it’s important to get good at it while you’re still young: there’s no reason you shouldn’t be well-versed by the time you’re in high school. As with many aspects of our culture, the younger the better, and with most clubs, it’s much, much easier to become a good dancer if you’ve spent a lot of time studying the art.

There are a bunch of good dance magazines about pole dancing (there are lots, but you need a subscription), and you can also watch some great dancing videos online. I used to own a Youtube channel of my own. (You can browse the archives for the past couple of months.) The best thing is that they all have short lessons, and the videos are free to view. The videos aren’t particularly great, but they’re a lot of fun to watch. The good thing about YouTube is that it’s easy to follow from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection: it

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