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  If you are able to learn pole dancing as young as 3rd grade and continue playing in a dance group at that level, then you should learn it regularly over time.  Once you are a senior, or even older, you probably will need to practice regularly with a dance company.  I have not been able to find good advice on the topic and would not recommend you practice for at least 6 months to determine if you can continue to perform without any difficulty.  Most instructors recommend that you learn pole with a dance group of varying sizes and styles.  If you know of other recommendations, please comment and I will add them to the list.  Some of the dances that I’ve practiced with that are recommended for beginners are  Chubby Lady,  E-Rings,  The Dancers, and The Foursome.   Some of the other dances, like  The Dancers , are recommended if you want an “off the pole” dance experience.  Some have good photos of the dancers.  And not every dance has a good photo.  And I won’t cover every dance, because I think the quality of dancing in a particular dance is better in every dance, but I will give you a general general rundown of the types of dances that are recommended for beginners.  In addition, I will also provide a few good tips for getting started with that dance.
Dancing with a group of dancers.   Some styles of dance such as African and American dances have a group of dancers that go all out and they might work out a few songs or a set piece.  Other dances like European and American dances are more of a “come-at-me style” that you might find at clubs in a bigger city and might try out at the mall mall later on.  While the focus is on the dance itself, it is hard to perform well if we don’t have the group to be able to follow along the whole dance and work together as a group.  If you know a lot of dancers, then you might be able to find a dance group that has a good amount of knowledge that is easy to understand. When it comes to pole dancing, there are different levels of ability. For a young beginner you might be just beginning to dance and already have the basic moves to perform a couple of moves. For more advanced dancers the dances may not be that exciting so you will need a lot of practice to learn to make the moves.  This will also give you more opportunities to get in a lot of

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