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For starters, it’s not just for men. Although many pole dance instructors and professionals advise that it’s for both gender.

In the United States pole dancing is for adults 18 and older. In the UK the sport is regulated by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). It’s not recognised as a sport in either country.

As of 2015, pole dancing is also banned in parts of Russia and many parts of Mexico due to safety concerns.

However in the UK, at the time of writing there are no restrictions and the sport seems to be going strong.

How to participate

According to the UK Sport Council Sportswoman of the Year 2014, there are six approved clubs in the UK open to women and men – and many more women are now participating in these clubs than in the years prior. Some are also available to men, although they require that you do not wear your dress or underwear.

In addition, with the inclusion of some other forms of movement, the UK does allow women to participate with a partner.

The minimum age for participation in pole dancing at the moment may differ in each area.

For a quick run through of the different forms of pole dancing in the UK and how to get involved click here.

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