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And what is the history of pole dance and the sport of pole dancing? And how did I decide to be in pole dance and if my father could have taken me to pole dancing?

So let’s get started…

So, I am a big fan of Pole Dance. It is a great thing to be apart of, not only because of the great dances that you can get into as a beginner if you are not completely comfortable with the choreography but because even if you aren’t very good, it is an absolutely fun sport to be in and it also is one that allows you to be a little more creative in your dancing as well.

But I also am a fan of a lot of things other than just pole dances though. So I have been experimenting in various other dance styles, especially with other women, and I have found that there are a lot of great dances out there, such as tap, pole, hip-hop, latin, hip hop, boho, bobsled, freestyle, samba and even a few that are more than one and maybe just a few dance styles all together, like jazz, reggaeton/funk, and even classical dance.

So we are going to look at a couple of those and some other dancing concepts you can learn that I think will be extremely helpful to those trying to make this transition from a regular, day job to becoming part of a club culture.

So lets start with the basics and see how you should practice pole dance first. (If you haven’t heard me talk about these things before – don’t worry – you should check this out first.) So you are going to want to practice some basic moves. And the biggest things that you need to learn as part of any pole dance routine are:

Pole Dance Fitness: How to clean the pole
– The dance, as well as the dance style. In practice you should always be dancing in the moves, but you don’t need to always be in the same move.

– The direction to dance in.

So you don’t need to be all straight up and down and everything, you can dance around a corner, you can dance in a circle and also you can dance to the floor to the music. When you are practicing you should learn a few different things. These are the “simple moves”.

The simplest dance moves you need to be able to do in a matter of seconds. And of course there aren’t any moves that you need to know from the beginning in order to practice

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