Is pole dance a sport? – Pole Dance Competition 2020-2021 Fafsa

It depends on how well you think pole dancing is a sport. If it’s a sport, you can argue it’s a hobby. But if you think it’s a sport, then it has to be a hobby because it’s hard to just be up all night and do it. But if you want to get a bit of a break from all the pole dancing, you may see it as more of a hobby or more of a pastime. You won’t be the only one enjoying it, but it’s not a sport if the people you’re dancing with have to leave for three days and they can’t even get up for it. Or if if there are a couple of pole dancers and one of them is having a rough time and is about to be hit with a bunch of punishment but there are three pole dancers standing there cheering on her. The difference between a sport and a pastime is how you look at it with the people you’re playing with and not the people you’re playing against.

So in an ideal world your dance teacher would talk to you about all the different activities a pole dancer might enjoy. What do they look like? How do they move? Are they comfortable in their costumes? When you were a dancer, what was the best, worst, or most enjoyable pole experience? Have you ever had any problems in the past trying to convince your parents to let you join the pool or something? That’s something you need to be aware of and discuss with your teacher while you’re thinking about getting your dance instructor.

Also, if you were to get a pole dance instructor, do they have to be a woman? If not, why would they be? Do you want to go down that path if you’ve made the decision to become a pole dancer.

I’ve never had any trouble convincing my parents to let me go to school for this and I’m sure it’s probably the same in all the schools, but this conversation could help get you in the door faster.

If you’re going to get a pole dance instructor, why don’t you ask them some questions before you get their OK? This will force them to talk about their school a bit because that’s what they usually do.

How important is pole work for you?

You may be thinking, “how good does my pole work look anyway?”

And sure, they can get you to bounce. But they’re not actually going to make your moves look as good, or as beautiful as they could be

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