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This article is about pole dancing, not the pole.

Did you know that the best in the world is from Ukraine? And they call themselves the “Cossacks”?

And what about the world championship? Why don’t they even go to that?

So I went to my local club to try the best girl on the dance circuit and I was so relieved when the girl I picked out was perfect. And when I called my coach I said that I’m an open-minded and very free person. I didn’t care if he liked her or not. And he told me that “in this country, this body belongs to every man, and what’s on the other side is the woman”.

Why do you call yourself a “free” person? I don’t understand why you like to be different.

What is pole dance? How did you decide which girl you liked? And did your coach make you go to the competition?

Do you know that pole dancers can never be female or male and in my opinion that is not necessary?

Who are you? Why are you so competitive? And how do you do it?

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Pole dance is about learning to move on your own. And to do that you need to know the steps. But then after you learn those steps, if you are not flexible enough to keep up with them, you start to fall…

That’s how you get sick all the time. And if you don’t move properly it becomes a nightmare. And there are so many other problems that start on the steps.

Pole dancing is such that you don’t like moving on your own because you don’t understand it well enough. And that is why it is hard for some of us to learn.

But I think I’m really good at it. And I don’t like it at all. Maybe it’s because I think all dancers should be allowed to move on their own, because I have to know everything. But the only thing I know is that I should try my best to do that and not try too hard.

How do I know that to not be good at it? My parents don’t like it at all…

Do you know if your parents are okay with dancing? Do you ever find it hard to dance?

No. The first time I tried it is about 7 or 8 years ago. I tried my best, but I had so many problems, so that I couldn’t do

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