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We don’t encourage or condone the use of pole dancing in any situation or environment.

All pole dancing venues have rules in place to limit its use.

We do not recommend you start or continue performing pole dance in a school or daycare.

Do I have to pay for the tickets to pole dance?

If you are 18 years old, you have to pay to purchase tickets to pole dance, regardless of how many people attend. The law states that you must pay a £5 entry fee to the club if more than 10 people show up for the event. If you are going to have an event of any size, you will need to have a valid membership number as of January 2017. You must have paid your membership fee in advance for each event until you receive your membership numbers. If you are coming to a club for only 1 night, this will not be an issue and a free night is available too.

Does Pole Dance require a licence?


Is pole dancing safe?

There are no statistics that demonstrate how safe pole dancing is, and it is difficult to determine how unsafe it will be for you. Your experiences may vary depending on the type of club you attend and where you are going, too.

At the last DanceSafe meeting, there were a number of reports of injury and death due to unsafe performing at the end of a pole dance class. Some club owners stated that in the past, pole dance is not allowed in their club for fear that they will be sued by anyone who claims they were injured at the end of the class. There is no evidence that this is the case, but some clubs may be reluctant to provide pole dance classes after a complaint was made. If you have any information, get in touch with us so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you are unable to safely use pole dancing.

You should never leave pole dancing without first seeing your club doctor.

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Last updated 2/10/17

Contact us about the safety and use of a pole dance venue.

Contact us if you need any help or advise about a pole dance venue.

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