Is pole dancing dangerous? – Pole Dance Competition Australia

There have been a number of recent events in Poland that have shown how dangerous pole dancing can be.

Last November, at a local pole dancing contest, five teenagers were badly injured by a huge metal beam flying on to top of them.

Last month, four boys were treated for serious injuries after a pole was thrown off an 18-storey building in Warsaw.

Last year, a 17-year-old was thrown into hospital after being run over by a pole at a nightclub.

What happens to those who get hurt when they are on pole dancing floors?

A spokesperson for Polish pole dancing company Piotr Dzierzak, told EuroNews they are “concerned about the safety of our competitors, their well-being and all of Poland and international spectators”.

“We have contacted the police regarding this incident, we are waiting to receive further information.”

They added: “However, the safety of the competitors is paramount so we can’t comment further until we gain a clear picture on what happened.”

A spokesperson for the Polish Health and Medical Services (KOMS), which advises on public health, told EuroNews: “There are safety measures in place to prevent the dangerous activities of pole dancing in Poland. We will be discussing the situation with the organisers regarding their actions.”

What are the risks involved in being an amateur pole dancer?

It’s not unusual for students or young people to be involved in pole dancing.

In many countries, there are workshops at schools and universities aimed at the beginner pole dancer who doesn’t have any other interests.

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