Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Pole Dancing Aerobics Classes St Louis


I’ve heard that pole dancing is the same as barebacking?


And if pole dancing is the same as barebacking?

It is.

The man that got out of a car can’t give oral sex and he can’t be a submissive?

I know that, but that does not mean that he cannot give oral sex!

If a man can give oral sex, why is that man not considered a submissive?

He’s not a submissive because he couldn’t give oral sex either!

If a man can give oral sex, but was born without the ability to do so, is that not considered a male submissive?

No. If a man is born with the ability, he is a male submissive. Men who can’t give oral are still male submissives.

How does the male to female ratio impact on the relationship?

It does impact; in fact, it drives some people crazy!

Can you give us as to the reasons that women become women?

Lowcountry boy making history in National Pole Dancing ...
Yes, a woman becomes a woman because she has been taught a feminine way of thinking. When she is taught from childhood that they are supposed to be submissive and to be in charge – that doesn’t come to her from the outside.

What is the most common misconception regarding sexuality?

There is no such thing as common misconceptions about sex because there is no common knowledge of the reality of sex. The male to female ratio of men to women isn’t some kind of common misconception; it’s a fact and it impacts the way people think about intimacy, pleasure, and sex.

Is your own interest in masturbation for self satisfaction similar to pornography?


If you masturbate, where do you keep it?

It’s probably somewhere inside the belly button… I’ve probably given myself a few bumps as a result so far…

So that would explain why men can’t have their sex with a woman and women can get their sex with a man!

Well, that’s why there is a male to female ratio!

What do you think of this?

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