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A recent study by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that only 30% of all Americans get the recommended amount of exercise to prevent or manage heart disease.

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If you need to add calories to your diet, the amount of cardio or weight training you need may be too low, according to one expert.

“It’s actually an understatement to say 90% or more of people who’re overweight eat all the calories they need, but they’re not exercising,” says David Allison, Ph.D.

“The reason is because [exercise] is expensive and hard,” he says. Even when you do spend money on cardio, some people don’t realize they’re exercising and continue to gain weight and fat – even after they’ve had weight loss surgery.

“When people get into better shape, they spend more time at the gym and eat healthier but they don’t necessarily gain weight or lose weight,” Allison says.

That’s exactly what happened to Melissa Jost, who lost 1.5 pounds within 30 days of losing her weight. But now she’s down to 7.5.

“I had been feeling fine and was eating a healthy diet and exercising, and the weight was definitely off my shoulders,” she says.

So what exactly was the reason for those weight losses? Jost says they were mostly the result of a new lifestyle – which includes eating clean.

“The hardest part of being in the weight-loss program is keeping it all together, and that’s where I think that most people underestimate the importance of being healthy,” says Jost.

“I think they assume there are so many calories in there I will just be able to eat whatever I want, which I don’t think is the case.”

If you’re hoping for a quick fix, there’s a good chance you will be disappointed.

“I have a suspicion they’re working more on what’s wrong in our brains than the actual science,” says Allison.

Exercise’s role in weight loss

Even though exercise is more important than ever for many people, it still comes down to whether you are eating healthy calories.

“You have to do some level of exercise and that will help, but there’s a lot to be said for being in a healthy eating plan,” Jost says.

If you want to cut calories to lose weight, Allison says you’ll need to eat healthier. Even healthy junk foods such as fries, pizza and

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