Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Tutorial Intermediate

We have no minimum weight requirements.

How many people can participate?

A limit of 25 people per performance.

How do I check in?

Please bring a valid ID. Our event is located in a large field. There is plenty of space on a bench on the side of the field for you to come and check-in for your dance.

Is there a fee?

You have to buy your ticket at the door but we make money with the sales.

Can I buy items at the bar during the show?

We have an entrance for the bar but no bar admission.

I would like to purchase merchandise at the event but don’t have my receipt with me. What should I do?

The merch table on the side of the stage has everything we sell. Bring it to the front of the crowd to pick up your order.

Where should I get hot chocolate?

We have hot chocolate at each performance. We make it available in the bathrooms on the south side of the venue where everyone waits on line.

Where do the lights come on for the dance?

The lights come on once the dance starts, if you leave them on, the lights will stay lit.

What are the rules for changing into pants while dancing?

It’s not allowed to change into pants while dancing. If you do, we ask you to wear loose or dress-like clothes.

What are the rules for changing clothes?

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The performers must wear clothing that you would wear to the gym. If there is nothing else you want to wear, just bring your clothes and they can change in the dressing room. You do not have to change into your own pants but they are recommended.

Do you have to wear an umbrella after the dance?


What happens if a customer refuses to give his/her ID if asked?

If your ID is stolen or lost in the locker room, the venue is liable. We have staff ready to help you if necessary.

What are my parking options?

The parking lot and outside parking areas are free. There are many garages located near the venue. Please let us know of any parking options for you.

I have a question about dancing!

Check out our FAQ section for more information.

What’s your refund policy?

All sales are final and refunds are given on a case by case

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