Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

Yes. Every pole dancing class is required to hold an additional 20 kg (44.92 pounds) weight limit.

How would I know my pole dancing class would fit my lifestyle?

You can find your class below.

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Pole pose...makes me want to put my pole up lol | Pole ...

Racial Traits [ edit ]

For a full list of racial traits, see Traits.

Aquatic Race:

Aquatic Race is a new race of DDO. A new race, Aquatic Race, is in the making! You can use the form on the right to register if you want that race listed. Please post your ideas in the forums at before submitting. Some races will not be available to mod users in the release as we are still determining the exact criteria of the new race. At least the races with the highest vote on the forums have been approved by Valve and will be available for everyone in the release.

Racial Specialization [ edit ]

Aqua is one of four specializations (the rest being Elemental, Woodland, or Metal) and they will provide bonuses in any of the following combat skills:


All of the Defense bonuses listed below, if selected, will increase the chance that you will block the next incoming attack. There are six attack types to block: attacks that are blocked are less accurate, attacks that are blocked miss more often and cannot be attacked again, attacks that are blocked deal more damage, and so on. A player without the Aqu

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