What do pole dancers do? – Pole Dance Clothes Sets

– They dance to songs. They make your head spin.

This is actually the only one of those three things you can just pick up and just keep doing until it becomes routine. So you’re like, “Hey, let’s just stay here,” you just keep moving.

It is more than just a gimmick – though that aspect definitely contributes – but it’s also how you look in your pictures. We want to show your character on your profile.

How do you keep people looking?

Well, what I do is I make a website called www.revolvingdancer.com. And I put a short bio on the site because people really get to know me through that. If they’ve been to any of my shows, I’ll say, “I’m really interesting and funny and a lot of fun. I’m not a bad dancer. It’s just that my dance moves are very… Well, how about we do something a little different here?”

We all have certain quirks and idiosyncrasies and personality types, so it’s like, okay…

I’ll find someone on the Internet who’s also very funny and creative – somebody who loves making new stuff. I’ll use pictures of a random YouTube video of me dance to make people laugh and be like, “Oh, that’s me! Oh my God, you’re a comedian!” I have to make people laugh because that really connects you with people on a deeper emotional level than people who just want to know where you’re from and what you’re wearing.

How do you get a person to pay to see you?
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It’s something that’s pretty easy to do. Most of my show ticket sales go to the charity, because I want it to be very important to really make a difference for the benefit of that charity. I’ve been able to help three nonprofits, as the promoter, but I don’t want to give away as much information because I don’t want to give people a reason to feel like I did this kind of charity work.

I just want to say the show tickets are free.

Yeah, I think so…

How does the show affect your life?

It seems like a good fit for me. I mean when I was starting out, I would actually go to show with my wife who’s an attorney. I was the first guy in the club I went to. We ended up moving in together and now we’re very close. I love being

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