What does pole dancing do to your body? – Pole Dance Steps Beginners

A lot. It builds muscle and makes people look good. It builds strength. It makes people more flexible. It makes people look good for dancing in any type of clothing. When you’re doing pole-dancing, you should be constantly moving and moving a lot, and be able to move through different stances and different directions at different points.

The dance you can do when working on your pole. How can you dance around people?

When I first started working on pole, I thought I had to be more active in the movement, which was my fault because I didn’t work on things like flexibility for my dance. So I was doing all of this stuff like being flexible and dancing on my toes and feet and getting on a hip like I was a dancer; but as time progressed, I started really pushing my body to move a lot, to find different ways to move. People would say, “Oh, you have to be stronger than anyone else.” I thought that was funny, because that’s exactly what I wanted to be able to do! Now, people say things like, “You’re a better dancer than everyone.” But I’ll tell you, I’m not in control of that! I can’t do something better than anyone else in the world! I know what I can do, and what I’m not able to do, and I want to fix that.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to dance around. Why do you think people think you need to be in a dancing troupe for that to work out?

I think you need a lot more of a connection to the dance as opposed to what you know how to do. It’s a lot easier to try to dance around the world than it is to dance around in a dance troupe. At first, I just thought of it like a team sport. So you need the coordination of the choreographers, dancers and people around you. But as time goes on, I found that sometimes you need a group. To be an effective dancer, I think you need to be with people you can get along with! For example, if I’m doing a dance where we’re using poles and I need to move in a line, then I have to move with the group. There’s no point just standing next to you and just moving forward!

Is that what happened last year for you?

The dance didn’t last very long because there were a lot of new people in my group. A lot

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