What exercises help with pole dancing? – Pole Dance Near Me


In addition to the basic strength training program, make sure to do at least as many of the following activities as possible.

Bare foot pushups



High angle pushups

Jump squats



Jump ups/pullups (for beginners)

Jump squats (for more advanced dancers)

Back extensions

Chin ups/dumbbells

Curls with straps

Knees up on table/bench

Hang from dumbbells

Lunge, then pushup/pushdown sets

Wrap or band around hip

Hands on floor

Chalk board

Bent over bar/couch

Lunge then pushup (alternate)

Warm up with back extensions, reverse

In addition to the basic training program, make sure to do as many of the following activities as possible.

What is a pole dancer’s cardio routine, and what kind do I need to do?

Carbo-loading and cardiovascular training can help you to get strong, improve your technique and have a more positive cardio effect. To use a proper cardio routine, you should aim to maintain a healthy body weight and be able to complete 12-15 minutes with at least 30-60 minutes of exercise (and preferably more).

Cardio exercises:

Warm up with walking (no sprinting!).

Do dynamic stretching

Bike to work out your shoulders from below.

Carry out 10 minutes of stairwork at a brisk pace.

Walk around the block before walking.

Hold a push-up exercise before jumping

Run on treadmill

Take a 20 second break after you fall

Cardio exercises that are not specifically cardio.

Running in a circle

Gymnastics (with a bit of stretching)

Walking around the block

If you have a car, drive to a gym.

What is a pole dancer’s general nutrition strategy?

Diet is always important to improve the aerobic fitness of your body. But there are some items you can do to supplement your diet.


Eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Choose low fat and full fat meats.

Choose meat products

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