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Trouble sleeping.

I have had it with people who can’t stop asking me questions. Why am I in a pole-climb contest?

I don’t think you should, but maybe you should.

I love making people cry.

P.K. Subban has always been known for his work ethic, and his recent comments have been a huge distraction on the ice. But his work ethic has been the driving force to make his career go as he would have wanted it to, and it has led to him having one of the best and most successful careers we have seen in a defenseman. It has given him respect from players, coaches and the entire organization, but it has also forced P.K. to be a work in progress. There is a fine line between making the best out of a bad situation and becoming over-ambitious, and P.K. has crossed that line too many times already, to say nothing of the fact that people are just tired of hearing about it now.

For a while, players, coaches, and the fans were all in favour of Subban leaving Montreal. In the end, some of the reasons became more apparent than others. For starters, the team wanted to get younger and more skilled in the NHL. Subban’s contract allowed them to address this need. The team had an abundance of salary cap space available, and they were able to sign two high-end defenseman, one of whom was able to become an alternate.

One of the main reasons Subban chose to stay put came directly from Claude Julien, who he was asked to choose between.

Claude Julien said “P.K. is a very hard worker. And if he has work, he’s always good for it.” #TSN690 — Kevin Woodley (@KevWoodley) July 3, 2015

It was an interesting remark from Claude, but one that he made in a different climate than the one we see these days. When Julien spoke about P.K. and asked one of the leading NHL analysts on TSN Radio where the team would place P.K. and why, the answer was a bit interesting.

“I see him on the roster. It’s a two-way thing in terms of roster spots, with the two-way contract. But on a team with great depth here, that’s the perfect spot. For a player like Subban, it’s one of those games where

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