What parts of the body does pole dancing work? – Pole Fitness Classes Nashville Tn

Can you break down how the dancing works.

I saw this article on the pole dancing circuit (http://www.poledancingcircuit.com/) the author is quite good.


When I went to college the dance was not what it is now…

– I don’t recall it being a big deal to me at the beginning, the students were friendly.

– I remember being “woke” to what they were doing by someone in the college women’s dance group. (it was the same year that I started going to college.)

– They worked quite hard but, not as much as I expected–I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the specific moves.

What are my thoughts on pole dancing? Has it changed over the years?

Thanks for anyone else that might be able to share their experiences with me.

Brent S, I know that many of these questions come up, I just wanted to ask why you think that it was so popular back in the 80s when it started being very popular now?

Are you saying that there are still many people going to the classes and the classes are being offered mostly for the same people?

Rachael B, In that article you say of the 70’s. They weren’t interested in that but I am always curious which dance movements were the most popular?

Molly, I would be happy to share this information as well!

This has been a fun discussion and you have done such a great job at it!

As for the “why” part, it seems to me that some of the reasons people go are because everyone else goes. However, I think those folks have come from one place in the culture so it isn’t quite the same.

Molly, I am afraid this is an area where I am sure the general populace, in my opinion, will never agree with me. I think a lot of us have a strong bias in one direction or the other. I have worked in this field for so long I’m used to feeling strongly either way. It is my opinion that we are always looking out for people that are “good enough” to make things easier for us.

I really love the fact that you are such a positive person about this.

However, I feel that I have heard too many stories, personally my story of a childhood with my mom in a home that did not provide care

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