Why do pole dancers wear heels? – How To Pole Dance At Home

The answer may surprise you, but yes, they do. According to Pauline Varon, an associate professor of kinesiology at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, the heels create the most friction as her leg presses against them. “People think that since they look so cute, they only do that to look cool,” she said. “They do that for a reason, though. When we’re standing up straight and our legs are parallel to each other, we’re trying to make the most possible contact with the table.”

2. They are very good at jumping over poles.

The pole dancer’s job is to perform as safely as possible while balancing on the end of a pole.

3. They are very good at standing still while others are moving.

It doesn’t come cheap: The average pole walker spends several thousand dollars on clothes, shoes, and hair before going onto the dance floor.

4. They have the lowest fat intake of the bunch.

According to a study published in a Swedish medical journal in 2006, the average pole dancing class girl is consuming more than 600 calories of alcohol per week. This doesn’t include the calories from sugary snacks and drinks, which they do for extra calories.

5. They have the lowest cholesterol of the guys.

In the same study, men with strong dance skills appeared to have lower total levels of fat in their blood. This could be because they take in less energy from exercise while they dance. “It could also mean that the guys who dance have some calories that are not burned up when walking,” Varon said.

6. They love it when someone goes down to the bottom.

The pole dancer loves the show. Their job comes down to giving them enough energy to leap down onto the pole and move, with their hands, feet, and head off the ground, without collapsing. This gives them more energy than if they were on the ground and couldn’t perform.

7. They have the most stamina of all the guys.

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In a 2006 study, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, researchers divided pole dancers into two groups: the good ones and the average ones. The good dancers were the ones who were able to stay on the pole until the song ended or the dancers finished doing their routines. These dancers had the second longest stamina.

8. When they’re tired, they get tired.

A study published in 2012 showed men who got tired

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