Why is pole dancing attractive? – Beginner Pole Dance Moves

“The physical aspect of pole dancing is attractive,” says Tricia Anderson. “We’ve been dancing for many, many years in front of the same people and we’ve noticed some important relationships.”

In addition, it can give dancers a sense of freedom.

“It makes you feel kind of comfortable in your own skin,” says Anderson, “where no one is in control of you — no judgment, no pressure. It is, in many ways, a social event” and a bonding technique.

“It allows you to see other people as equal and they can talk to you in a way you never thought possible,” agrees Anderson. “They can trust you.”

In the book, Tricia Anderson and fellow Pole Dancer and Author, Susan Thompson, talk about the psychology of pole dancing including its power in making us better people.

Here are some quotes from the book:

“It was my first introduction to the world of pole dancing,” says Michael K. Meehan , “and I found it to be a fascinating exercise in self-acceptance … I found myself feeling good and in control of my own thoughts and actions. I began to see things more clearly. I found that I had a lot to answer to at work and in my relationships with other people.”

“It brought me peace. I realized that I had to stop fighting and get back to my true self. I felt less angry and more comfortable, calm and comfortable, more relaxed and in control. I could relax now and then. I could take the deep breaths. I could breathe comfortably in the moment, relax the muscles around me and open myself to all the feelings I can’t seem to process.”

“I realized that as a human being, I’m supposed to have love and acceptance for myself,” says Tricia Anderson.

“It is extremely hard, but very rewarding,” says Michael G. Murphy , “You’re in a state of constant awareness and awareness of what you are and how you are perceived.”

“When you dance, you’re taking control.”

“You are becoming more aware of yourself,” says Tricia Anderson. “And you are embracing the life you’re living inside your body.”

“To understand the power of this dance and the value of it is to begin a journey back to ourselves, our own self,” says Susan Thompson.

“I like to take part in the world and it’s very meaningful to me. I always

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