Why is pole dancing attractive? – Guy Pole Dancing Gif

The answer lies more with “what isn’t sexy” than with what is sexy in general. “I can’t see the difference between women who are really sexy and others.” “It’s easy to get laid if you have perfect bodies,” is a valid point, but most women would say it’s hard to get those kinds of results if you’re underweight or if you’re not quite your best with the ladies. I think there’s just something inherently more enticing about physical beauty—and sexiness—for men, because we think we have that something that makes the sexier of two people who look similar. “I would never wear that shirt. I’d rather see that woman wearing a skirt.” This just doesn’t work the way a woman might think, if she ever actually looks at a woman without clothes who doesn’t wear clothes. A woman’s body is not her identity. People in the public eye should not put you in a box.

It goes without saying that women don’t want you to look like a boy wearing a dress. If it’s the least bit acceptable that you need to look a certain way to get laid, I mean it.

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Mesut Ozil says he “hopes” Mesutinho will extend his United stay next season.

The Germany international and his club continue negotiations with Louis van Gaal’s side and Ozil has offered to help negotiate terms.

Arsenal and Manchester City were reported to have been in the running for Ozil’s signature but Arsene Wenger is in a strong position to land the 21-year-old – especially given the player’s strong loyalty.

Speaking to German paper Bild this week, Ozil said: “It’s probably up to Van Gaal whether or not he holds it up. But I hope he takes his time.

“When you’re at the club as a kid, you hope for long-term commitment.

“At Liverpool, at Dortmund, I never thought about playing more than one year. Then I thought about that longer.”

Ozil is currently on international duty with Germany, having been called into the squad for training earlier this month for his first friendly against Italy.

Mesutinho will also begin his three-year contract at Old Trafford on January 1, 2016, with Ozil hoping he can stay a season longer

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