Why is pole dancing attractive? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

Do some men think Pole Dances are sexy? Read this to find out, from real Pole Dancers!

I’m so much younger than most people and I think every male at least on some level wants to be with me. This attraction is something that comes from being around other guys my age. I want to be with the guys who have bigger butts.

I don’t really like to talk about it but when other men take my pole skills to the next level, the whole ball drops. It’s like they are just looking at my hips just to see my butt.

Why does a guy like you in front of women with bigger butts?

It’s just not my thing. The guys that seem attracted towards my kind of woman want girls with bigger asses, like my “favourite” type of girl.

The people here at Pole Dance Academy are all nice people, so I don’t know if they have this idea I have to act sexy to attract them. However, I don’t know what I’d do. People have different ideas about what type of men are attracted to girls with large asses, but I have to admit a man has to be really attracted to me to want to know about my “favourite” girl and think I have huge butts.

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We’re all about competing as a team, and I’ve never been stronger at it than in my head and on the field. It’s about pushing each other as a team, and it’s about getting out there and playing your first ever game under light conditions and wearing your heart on your sleeve like we’re doing on Saturday night. It’s about playing our hearts out for all 48 minutes and hopefully we can do that as a team.

I’m happy. I’m just pumped. We’re excited for the chance to go out there and prove that tonight.

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