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It’s a little spicy but not in a bad way. I also like to give chitlang a go. It tastes something like hot mustard, with the flavor of a warm cup of coffee, but with the bite of a meatball. When you’re in town just ask to bring a plate of chitlang for lunch and the other day at the hotel I went to, they gave me a plate before the meal and a plate afterwards. They also put chitlang in a bowl on the table. It’s just a little bit spicy and tastes like a hot buttered tea. The place is a bit dirty but there is a washroom nearby so you can scrub your hands after you eat. They also have a small bar and a pretty nice restaurant too. As far as dessert goes, the Chitlang and Tea Room offers both to-go and pick-up options so I suggest the Chitlang on the to-go. I can’t remember what dessert they have at the tea room, but I hope it’s not too chocolatey.

It’s a cozy atmosphere. My first time there, I ordered a chocolate croissant with a chocolate milk chocolate syrup. I really liked the croissant and liked they also make chocolate croissant cookies. I could’ve easily ordered more, but I was starving so I didn’t mind. There’s some seating outside or at the table itself. It’s definitely better than the Starbucks/Burger King of the food world. The staff has been nice and friendly. The place is small, about 10-15 tables.

Best tea of all, no regrets here, really! This place was on my “must stop” list for months. Since returning to Toronto a few months ago, I’ve been looking for a good cup of tea. Last week, I found the perfect location. They serve amazing tea, and I ordered a black tea with hot milk (about $1) (it tastes sort of like tea. It has the creaminess of a hot coffee, but with the flavor of a small steamed milk ball) and a iced mocha tea with hot chocolate.

Truly lovely experience in the middle of Toronto. The atmosphere is quaint and modern and the clientele is very welcoming. The tea comes at a decent price. Tea, hot chocolate and croissants at reasonable prices.

Delicious chocolate croissant and sweet tea. Very authentic and delicious vibe. It’s about 2 blocks from Queen St. This

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