Can you eat the saffron threads? – When Is Saffron Harvested In Morocco


1. What is the difference between the saffron and the kheer or the khadi?

They are called ‘Khadi’ because they were made of saffron threads!

2. What is the difference between saffron and turmeric?

These are both spices. Both are made from the same plant. Turmeric is made from curcuma longa which you would find in a spice shop.

3. Is saffron different than turmeric?

Yes! But turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicines, and the difference comes in in the type of spices.

4. What is the difference between saffron and kheera or khadi?

Saffron is made from turmeric. They are used interchangeably.

5. What is the difference between saffron and white chikni?

The sambar is made from the saffron, not white chikni!

6. Which is better, saffron or kheer or khadi?

Saffron is good for your health. It makes you healthy, and it cures any ailment you may have!

7. Which is harder to find, kheer or kheer chappal?

Kheer chappal is a soft and fragrant sort of chapulla. It is not so much of a spice but it is used for eating.

8. Which is cheaper/lickier than saffron?

Kheer chappal is more hard to find but it is a great taste!

9. What is the difference between saffron and black pepper?

Black pepper is also called black chile. It is used to make a lot of things!

10. Which is tougher, coriander or cumin seeds?

Coriander is a very hard plant. They do not make a good substitute.

11. What is the difference between dried saffron and fresh saffron?

Dried saffron is the type that is used for making sweets at home. You won’t find it in markets or at the grocery. In India, you find it available at local places with a price of Rs. 2,50 in a kilo.

12. What is the name for the flowers called kheer chappal

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