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First off, it is important to make sure that the food you use is made without all kinds of impurities and bacteria that can destroy and harm saffron. This includes the spices you use. Once you know what kind of spice you use and how you should harvest your saffron, you can start to grow your saffron plants on your own.

The first step is to get your seed indoors, this is often a tricky step, depending on how many saffron plants you have growing in your basement or a garage.

Saffron can be grown easily indoors or outdoors, just have a look at my How to Get your Seed Started with Growing Saffron blog to find out which way is best for you!

There are no special methods to grow saffron indoors so this step is actually quite straightforward. Just put a bunch of saffron plants in a bucket, add some fertiliser and water your plants and you are ready to start!

How I grow saffron at home…

Before I start this tutorial it is worth pointing out that it is a good idea to use a saffron source. That way your saffron may not suffer from any problems or illnesses, but will be better for you to buy.

If you like saffron and you would like to find out how to grow saffron at home click on my How to Grow Saffron on your preferred website or blog and get started right away. Then I will describe how I’ve grown my saffron plants on my own. It is very easy to grow saffron indoors too.
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The key to good quality grown saffron is to harvest as young saffron as possible. Don’t harvest more than you need. I usually take about 20-30 seeds. I leave them in the ground for about a week to 2 weeks until I feel that I need to harvest them. From that point, I plant them in my garden (or my garage if that is more convenient) and I harvest another batch of seeds. At this stage, I take another 10-15 seeds to plant in the garden again.

I have a saffron gardening site for you here:

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