How can you tell real saffron? – Grow Saffron Crocus Flowers

As a matter of fact, there are a number of ways to tell if you have saffron from India.

It’s the color

For a basic saffron color chart with sample colors, check out this helpful chart posted in our YouTube playlist called “The Best Colors of saffron.”

It’s shiny

It should be shiny when you cut some with your fingers. And you can tell when it’s shiny from the color. The above chart has the color as blue color, green (red) color, and yellow color. There is also red as the most common color.

If you are unable to distinguish between these blue and green colors, then don’t worry. I’m sure you can spot if they are blue and green! Just use your judgment to be on the safer side.

it smells

The smell of saffron should be intense. The smell of saffron is often described as earthy. A good example is the aroma of freshly cut saffron leaves.

It doesn’t have an oiliness to it

The color of saffron should be shiny and not sticky. This includes the color of the leaves, the color of the seeds, the color of the resin (the substance that produces the aroma), and the color of the flowers.

The color should be bright and clear

The color of saffron should be bright and clear. The most common color for saffron is white. Here is the color chart with samples:

The color should be dark

If you see any of the color below, than you likely have saffron in your kitchen! It is often described as a pale green color. This is also true for the color of my own saffron. Saffron should also be gray in color and darker in texture.

Don’t know what color to look for?

If you don’t know what color to expect, then you may want to take a little journey!

If you are at home in the kitchen with a saffron bulb, which is what most people have, then all of these factors will be the ones that will make your cooking saffron taste the most authentic.

But if you are out in the world with your saffron bulb, or in your home, then don’t hesitate to experiment. And take a look at my simple recipe for saffron salad.

Print Indian saffron salad Ingredients 6

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