How long does it take saffron to grow from seed? – Saffron Seeds For Planting

Saffron may grow from seed in 10-20 days

Saffron can be cut into 1-2 inch wide strips or you can make an entire seed cake .

Saffron in Food

Saffron is a delicacy in South India. Saffron is a food delicacy for South Indians.

It was made popular by the British by the Indian Subcontinent. It is a food for people and is prepared with very little water.

Saffron in India

Saffron in India is not as popular as in some other parts of the world. It is still considered a delicacy in the south.

Use Saffron in Cocktails, Tea and Beer

A cup of tea with saffron adds a touch of sweetness to your tea.

Saffron in Flowers

Saffron flowers are very fragrant, and will make an excellent fragrance ingredient for your perfume or oil. It can even be used in perfume, as it has the pleasant floral odor.

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