How long does saffron take to grow? – How Many Saffron Bulbs Per Acre

The exact date an onion is harvested and ripe is not known, but the first fruits are harvested shortly after the tree has grown long enough to harvest its first trunks (this typically occurs during the first few days of early summer).

How much does an onion, in whole and in pieces, cost?

The cost of this item depends on the vendor’s type of onion and the type of fruit. The cost is usually in cents, and ranges from about $3.00–20.00 USD. The price of a large onion is about $6 dollars (1/2 lb.) if you can handle it; the small sizes can vary from just over a dollar to more than $15.00 USD each. A large onion has as much as 12 ounces (455 g) of flesh packed into just the skin and stems. A large onion is a typical weight of 5 cups of fresh root weight (5 lbs., 1.5 kg) and costs about $5.00 (4 lbs., 1.8 kg). If you buy a large root weight, the vendor usually charges a smaller price for a small size (about 2lbs., .5 kg).

Does saffron taste good or not?

The only way to tell is by tasting it. There have been some anecdotal evidence saffron does not taste all that appealing after it is cooked and eaten, while others have reported that by the end of cooking, it tastes more appealing, but it may still be unpalatable.
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Is saffron available in the US?

Yes, saffron is available in the US from several vendors. The most famous of these suppliers, Lyle C. Taylor, was an early pioneer among the small farmers in California who cultivated saffron at the time. He was successful and was given many awards for it. Some of his best selling saffron was at the beginning, still is, and still will be Lyle Taylor.

Taylor does not produce any other brands of saffron. These include:

Lyle Taylor’s Classic

Classic Saffron

Honeywell’s Saffron Cottage (a large variety)

F.C. Coots Farms’ Safto Gold

Honeywell’s Safford Cottage

The cost of saffron varies depending upon several factors.

For example, for small growers in the Central Valley, there is a large difference in the cost of fresh sa

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