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A: The amount that you can make is a little over 1 kg (2 lbs). In India, saffron is an important crop. Because there are so many countries with the same climate, and people who want to get to know each other, I find it very useful to meet people who make saffron and also learn from them what I can.

Q: Can you go to the places you are visiting now?

A: Yes. In some countries in North America, I used to go to the places that I am now visiting, but now the people are so used to me that I don’t feel any need to try to surprise people.

Q: What’s your favourite place now?

A: I used to like to walk around in front of my house. But not anymore. I have two children now and I don’t like to walk around in front of my house anymore.

Q: Why?

A: I think people are very jealous now and not wanting to be seen with me. My husband is really proud and happy with what happened.

Q: Why did your marriage work out so well?
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A: My husband made me feel I was very valuable in the marriage. I didn’t believe this for several years, but I think it’s because of my marriage. I don’t think I could have lived without that and I now know what it is for my husband, who’s so proud of me.

Q: What did you do in the family business before you met your husband?

A: I was living in a small rented house in Bangalore. My husband, a businessman, became my business partner when he was in college. My husband started making saffrons from his dormitory to become a business man. He was working with me when I was living with my parents.

Q: How did he become so famous in Bangalore?

A: He started the saffron business from my dormitory, which had just one room. My parents were always away during the day and during the night, my mother would let him work in her room. My father would come home, cook some dinner and watch TV at night. My father never cooked with the saffron when his family was together and, when they were not, my mother did the cooking. My mother was a very small woman who made about 50 kg (110 lbs) of saffron. The rest of the time, my mother

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