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1 kg saffron = 60 gms
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1 kg saffron is worth 1 kg rice, or 1 kg of black flour.

Saffron is a valuable herbal commodity and is widely used as a spice in traditional Indian cooking.

The cheapest amount of saffron edible is 3 kg.

It can be purchased in a store, in bulk or it can be found in a farmer’s field.

In the late evening, as a group of young people strolls along the streets of East London, one of them glances in her direction and smiles. As the woman turns away and the others pass by, she pauses and smiles at me. We both know the young women are talking about her.

“We are just out for a walk, aren’t we?” she asks in a slightly nervous voice. “Not far, right?” She turns to the young people that surround her and explains: “We went in the park, and this guy came across the road, looked in our direction – he was talking to a girl – and he says, ‘Oh no, that’s my girlfriend,'” the woman says, smiling. “I didn’t even know he was my girlfriend, but this is the way he is with girls.”

‘He came up the side of one of the steps and was, like, ‘She’s my girlfriend,’ or whatever. I don’t really have much to add. He was just that kind of guy.'”

That woman is Hannah May, 19, and it’s one of those moments when I immediately feel like I understand her: she shares the experience of other young women who have been mistaken for their own girlfriend by strangers on the street. In the days following the tragic death of footballer Anton Ferdinand in April, there has been a widespread sense of concern about men – especially young men – who will go on a limb and try to approach young women and pretend they are friends, then take up the conversation with flirtatious or aggressive behaviour, in an effort to make the interaction more positive.

I would never call myself a feminist.

I have seen numerous comments about how there must be more young girls out walking around London these days doing things like this. I have seen people point angrily to the absence of young women walking on the streets in Manchester, Leeds and other cities where women aren’t often seen walking around with their boyfriends or boyfriends’ boyfriends, as though this were somehow a problem of misogyny. This feeling that we

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