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It’s a cheap material, but in the raw it tastes horrible. This is where spices come in. This is where we do magic…

I’ve tried so many spices and have been trying to find the best for cooking. I’ve come to the following:

Achill – the mildest of all the spices. It’s the most expensive and is used by some to flavour chicken.

Carbon – a milder, more subtle flavour. Used most of the time to add spice and colour to dishes.

Lemon – it’s the richest in flavouring. Used mainly to add flavour to dishes and to enhance rich sauces.

Powdered – the mildest of these spices and you can use it for a little extra flavour.

Cayenne – the strongest of the above spices. It adds spice and colour to dishes and sauces. You can always add it before it goes in the pan.

Salt – you can never have too much. It’s the best spice to add to many dishes.

The point of these basic spices is that if you have one, you should use it all the time. I don’t think you really need another spice, unless you use all the spices in every dish. If you only have a few things you’ll use these spices, then I would recommend the following:

Garlic – used mainly to flavour the dishes.

Tomatoes – used to add flavour to dishes.

Fennel – used to flavour foods and to add a strong flavour.

Rosemary – used as a milder taste. You can add it after it’s in the food.

Cayenne – used as a slight savoury flavour.

Red Pepper – used to add a flavour to dishes, this is the most expensive as it’s often used to add a savoury flavour.

Pepper – added to some dishes as a mild spice, it provides a savoury flavour.

You’ll notice that all of the above require a large amount of saffron. I’ve found that saffron is the most expensive of the basic spices, but it is the most effective. In fact, I sometimes need up to 4-5 sprigs to make the same dish as I can get from the other spices. This is because saffron can absorb other flavours, for example lemon, salt, and garlic, so a few sprigs makes me happy.

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