How much is saffron per oz? – Saffron Spice Growing Season

Saffron is a great source of protein which, on it’s own, is much better than chicken and beef, if you are consuming a lot of meat. What this is about is that when you add more protein, and the body can absorb more saffron, your muscles start to store as more fat. The problem happens when you add a lot of fat, this fat gets stuck in the muscles and keeps on rising, this is like a slow weight loss process. Your body uses saffron to break down fat cells into their components, the more mass this mass, the faster you will lose weight.

It does not matter how fast you eat, you lose weight and this is where you need to stop eating so much. Saffron oil is amazing for reducing the levels of sugar and fat, it also helps in balancing your insulin; these are the two best foods for your body. It also contains vitamin C, which helps on your immune system, a good idea to boost your immune system!

Let me repeat again. A cup of saffron oil per day is better than a cup of chicken and 1.5 cups of beef per day.

Is saffron bad for you?

Yes, if you consume too much it can cause heart problems, so if you do not consume it, you should consume only half of the amount every day. Just remember, they are so good for your body, you can eat 1/3 and lose weight all in one day!

So what is it then?

It is all about timing. You cannot keep this up, and you need to eat at the very least 3.5-4 oz. of saffron oil daily. You will lose weight very quickly when you start adding these amounts to your diet. You might want to start off with a tiny amount, it takes about 30 mins to make, you can start adding more as the daily requirements increase.

For most people, you should be able to eat between 2.5-4 oz, however, if you want to increase your dose, you should try to do this every day, this will make you more aware of you consumption of saffron each day. This will make your lifestyle more health conscious and will also make you feel more confident about what you should be eating daily.

What should I be eating on Monday?

To be exact, you should be eating about 2.5 oz of saffron oil each day,

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