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Saffron is cultivated and produced in countries all across the world. In India, a huge portion of the raw material is grown in a district called Kutch, in the Punjab region of India. This is where the best saffron is produced, because of its strong aroma.

Where is the best quality saffron grown?

The Best Quality Saffron is grown in the Ganges Valley of Uttar Pradesh, India, but can also be grown in West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. The best quality saffron is also from Kerala and Bangladesh.

Is the best quality saffron available at my farmer’s market?

Yes. All the farmers’ markets in the US and Canada have great quality saffron.

Where can I find more information about the best quality saffron?

Visit the “Saffron” website at: The website contains information on the characteristics and differences between the best and worst quality saffron, information on the varieties grown in India, and how to grow and harvest the best quality saffron.

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