In which season Saffron is grown? – Planting Saffron Crocus In Pots

When Saffron was brought to a location, it was in bloom. I would wait until the buds were at least 3-4 inches in length and then remove the buds from the plant.

Do you harvest the buds?

Yes, the buds are harvested.

How long does Saffron last?

This variety typically holds for approximately 8 months.

Where do you buy Saffron?
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From other growers at your location.

How much green do you need?

Green = 3-4 inches.

How many seeds can you plant?

This variety is ideal for larger scale growers who want a high quality clone.

Does this clone bloom?

There is only one blooming season during the flowering phase. It can be done a couple of times.

How does it perform in cold temperatures?

The flowers will grow a little bit longer if they are in a frost free area.

What happens if I transplant Saffron?

Saffron will continue to grow until it is rooted in a pot. I do not transplant into a pot to avoid blooming, it will take a while. If you plan on transplanting, just use the same soil that you would add to the Saffron pot. The root system and flowers will begin to form again. When Saffron is finished, it is usually very strong and will remain strong for several months.

How does it perform in a greenhouse?

The plants that grow in an indoor environment will still be fairly vigorous. They will not flower properly because of the warmth it receives every couple of weeks. That being said, this plant can be grown indoors with a small amount of care.

I do not grow Saffron in a greenhouse. I do not enjoy the cold temperatures or growing in a cool room. When you are growing in a greenhouse you need to be extra careful. We like to be in a warm room, but sometimes that doesn’t work. Also, you should be extra careful when you are watering and fertilizing Saffron. There has to be very little water if you are going to be watering and fertilizing in this way.

What are the risks of growing Saffron in the house?

In a house environment, this plant can get infested with bacteria and mold. Some people have gotten it infected. If your house does have problems with it, there are steps you can take to

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