Is growing saffron legal? – Saffron Planting

How can saffron be consumed by Hindus without prohibition. Here’s a hint: it is not legal in the country of India but it is legal in the country of India and is not even subject to an excise duty.
He says this is what Indian law says when it comes to all things, except for alcohol, it is not illegal. Saffron is neither a holy thing nor sacred. It is neither Hindu nor Christian. A Hindu drinker in India wants saffron so he can do his ritual, and a Christian drinker wants to celebrate the Holy Day. So there should be no problem. But we know that the saffron prohibition is there for a reason.
There is a section of the Hindu community, however, who is averse because the holy thing is not permitted in the country of India. They would like saffron in India but it is not permitted. They would like saffron to be consumed only in the holy village of the holy saffron, but there is a police force in the whole country that wants to forbid it . Why are there police forces in every part of the country? It cannot be that there is no law for something. They say it would be illegal, but they have no right to tell us what we may or may not do.
How can someone know what it is that they are eating, and therefore why are there police forces in every village to keep watch on us?
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As for why they are there, they claim the saffron laws do not allow consumption by Muslims because they do not produce saffron products.
But of course they do. Saffron is a staple food in India and is one of the few foods that comes up without the use of refrigeration or baking or chemical changes. Saffron, which means white cumin, is a holy food, used in purification and healing. Saffron and spices are used by millions of Hindus every day. Why are we not allowed to eat it ourselves?
There are two reasons why saffron is not allowed in India. The first is so that in future the Muslims can be converted to Hinduism. The second is to preserve the tradition of the holy village in which the religious tradition has been handed down the world over, the saffron valley, where it has been used for centuries to keep the people of the village clean, free of dirt and pollutants.
When it comes to saffron, the Muslims say the law is just a pretext and will

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