Is McCormick saffron real? – How To Grow Saffron For Profit

A: All saffron has to do is be properly roasted to become saffron real. You still have to process the saffron before using it.

Q: Why doesn’t McCormick’s recipe match my own?

A: I did this for over 50 years. It is hard to keep perfect track over so long, but you’ve got the time to do so. Most often I get it wrong and put out a recipe that doesn’t match what I wrote down. Don’t get discouraged! If they’ve tweaked it ever since you ordered, they’re not going to change it now. Just take a bit of time.

Q: Can McCormick’s really say it’s 100% authentic saffron?

A: It’s easy to believe them. If you’re not a big saffron purist like me, you’re probably not going to find 100% saffron in the supermarket. If you’re into buying saffron and really good quality food is required, I’d recommend going to the store of your choice and buying a handful of the best quality wild saffron.

Q: Can I make McCormick’s original ‘Saffron Revolution’ recipe in my own kitchen?

A: Yes, of course you can! You’ll find the original recipe by clicking here. If you want to use McCormick’s saffron instead of wild saffron, check out our Saffron Recipe Page.

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