Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Tank Ideas

It should be.

In the Indian village of Aligarh, there’s a strange smell of musk. As you might imagine, this isn’t pleasant.

But in this instance it isn’t any hallucinogenic, as is often reported. Instead, the village is being targeted by chemists, who are developing powerful synthetic saffron derivatives, some of which will probably be banned within weeks. What’s worse, the chemicals in such drugs are being sprayed onto the villagers’ homes in order to “dock” toxic compounds that the villagers have long inhaled or ingested.

In India or anywhere else, it’s generally accepted that the people who smoke and chew cannabis are in no way in the moral high ground when it comes to health. Smoking cannabis is one of the most significant causes of lung cancer and respiratory illnesses, among others, among Indian farmers.

And why are Indian chemists making substances that they think could have these harmful effects? The answer is obvious, and in Indian parlance, “saffron”.

While the world watches in horror as scientists try to develop “safe” cannabis extracts, thousands upon thousands of people are now suffering from a variety of health conditions and illnesses that should not exist. The most popular cause of cancer, in India or anywhere across the world, is tobacco. If the government can’t even create a legal framework to protect the most vulnerable people—even against their own government!—then when are they going to protect us, in all ways, from the evils of cancer?

And yet, India is, by the way, a world-renowned cannabis producer.

Cannabis as medicine has been a part of Hindu philosophy for centuries. Shiva, the god of destruction (and sometimes, of healing), is considered to be the embodiment of all forms of spirituality; Ayurvedic wisdom, a form of modern medicine, is very much a part of the Hindu worldview. Shiva, in fact, is so central to Indian culture that not only did his images and other depictions become household commodities, they were even used by rulers as part of their private collections and even by the government.

Today, there are more than 3,000 medical universities throughout the world and they can all learn directly from the Indian Medical Council, which has a permanent seat in Delhi, which also has full control of the Indian Pharmacopeia.

In fact, India’s entire cannabis prohibition policy is based on Hindu ideology. From the very first days of

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