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Saffron is very cheap to plant and harvest. In fact, the main cost of saffron production is actually the transport. Saffron has high transport cost in China, and the cost of transport is extremely high for China. Therefore, they only import saffron. And the average cost of supply of imported saffron is about 40% of the average cost of production of saffron.

What is the impact of increased tariff, on saffron production?

With increased tariffs, the production would drop considerably. The import of saffron would decrease, while the production in China would increase for a while, until it became a competitive market for it.

What are the economic advantages of saffron?

With more people having access to saffron, saffron would be cheaper for the government to produce and distribute than other medicinal plants. However, there are other financial aspects of saffron too. For example, the government might use saffron as an alternative for opium production, and as a cure or cure of malnutrition. Other uses related to the use of saffron include preventing infections of the skin, mouth, throat, eyes, blood vessels and skin.

What is the impact of the European Union’s (EU) ban on saffron?

It is important to remember that the EU has not banned saffron, they are only banning saffron as a part of the drug control list. If a new European nation comes in, like Russia, they are free to import saffron. This would increase the demand for the drug. In fact, Russia already imports large quantities of the plant. Therefore, it is not illegal for Russia to produce this drug as a legal remedy, because they are on the EU drugs list.

Does saffron have a nutritional benefit?

Saffron has a number of important nutritional factors such as vitamins A, B vitamin, folic acid, manganese deficiency, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, iron and zinc. Its medicinal nature also prevents many diseases that would be a cause of malnutrition. For example, it is considered to be beneficial to the heart. However, it can cause gastrointestinal problems; it also does not always have the same effects as other herbs.

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