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The saffron that comes from the India is a distinct species of the yellow type of saffron. The yellow type has a very strong aroma of turmeric. One of the biggest problems growers have is that they have to find a way to make the saffron yellow with a little extra chemicals in their process. They cannot just use regular black turmeric.

“Saffron has its own unique smell with that turmeric smell, but at its purest, saffron comes from the plants that grows from the Indian River Valley. The color of saffron is very deep turquoise/black but it does not have a strong turmeric smell. It is a very aromatic herb. This is a plant that is not very common. Our country grows around 600,000 tons of saffron. The plant itself is known for its color but as far as the seed that grows from saffron is concerned, this type of saffron is not very common.” says Vipula Datta, head manager of the Bhagalpur district’s saffron crop division.

Why do saffron cultivators often grow the plants in the open with no shade?

Saffron has a high leaf area, so the sun’s light reaches all the leaves as the sun starts to set. This is why saffron and other plants need no shade. The seeds are planted on the ground where there is sufficient sun and good drainage.

What is green colour for saffron flowers, and why do these plants look green?

Saffron flowers are usually green because there are no chemicals added in the fertilizer. However in a few cases, the flowers are blue-green due to the excessive acidity in the ground water. This is called ‘grey flowers’ because it is so dull and lifeless that there is no ‘green’ in flowers but only a ‘dark’ appearance.

Why does the red flower of the sapphire flower change colour when dried?

“Because sapphire is a type of carmine you can get a natural tint of red in it. Also sapphire flower also has a tendency to turn green when dried. This is where it becomes a little bit of an eye opener and I recommend this is what people look for when they plant sapphire in their beds. The sapphire is not really used in this country or in Nepal. In India, it is used. In Nepal, I haven’t experienced

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