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Saffron (Fragaria spp.) is used for an array of purposes, from cooking to cleaning to deodorization and anti-microbial properties. This herb is used as a base in soap, cosmetics, scrubs, toothpaste, lotion, and other topical and oral care products. It is also the active ingredient in the topical treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Saffron has been the recommended food additive for reducing the appearance of white blood cells (NEC), which is a key factor in blood clotting. Saffron also has been used for its anti-cancer properties, making it one of the best choices if you have kidney disease.

Why is Saffron good for skin?

Saffron is very high in the sulfur compounds known as flavonoids. You can increase the concentration of these flavonoids by growing fresh saffron and then processing it. Saffron also contains a plant flavonoid called sinigrin, which is beneficial in skin conditions such as acne.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sadiq Khan’s critics say his leadership style will undermine the economy

Sadiq Khan is under fire after he told party supporters he would be looking to “give a second term to London”.

In interviews with the London Evening Standard on Thursday – shortly before Labour’s election campaign start – he said: “I’m looking forward to seeing your enthusiasm once again as we take on the Tories and their vision of a city on a hill.”

He was criticised by Labour activists as saying Labour needed a “warrior leader” more like Boris Johnson.

Labour has said the mayor was not trying to create a “war zone” – but it is a suggestion that Labour supporters are likely to find difficult to accept.

“I am not a war veteran but this election has become personal for me – and my party – this could have been me in Syria,” Mr Khan said, before adding: “We will continue working to bring forward our London Plan and make London’s economy work for everybody not just the elite.”

‘Harrowing’ statements

Mr Khan was criticised for his remarks when he made his remarks at a meeting on Thursday, at the Mansion House in central London, of party activists. There were reports around 24 hours after the event that his remarks, on a matter which has caused friction between him and the Labour leadership, had angered members of the Shadow Cabinet.

South Haven Tribune - Schools, Education3.18.19South Haven ...
Mr Khan said: ”

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