Is saffron worth more than gold? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Earth

So, where is it worth more? It is worth more in a black market. It is worth more in India. And the most important question, which has to be asked, is: is saffron worth more?

You will understand that in the beginning, the Indian government made a declaration about saffron. It said that this was part of the saffron leaf. So, saffron is now officially said to be not part of the yellow dye. And if anything, we will now be producing our own. And we will be producing our own in India. We will make all the saffron we want, we will make it where we want. We will make it from the leaves of the sesame.

If anything, it is now in India by a very great margin. So there has been a huge change in the balance, and there has been a massive shift.

Are there any changes in your farming and the value chain, you can talk about?

I am not in a position where I can talk about my farming today. I have said that my farm business is very, very strong. What I am not able to say is, what did the farmers lose? We lost everything that we created. We had 100 years of work, from the age of 13. We had an entire life in our farmhouse. Our entire life was dedicated to cultivating it. I lost everything in that. Every aspect of our farm.

So do you not expect to come into your new business?

Yes, but the question is, what will do in the other 10 years? I think it was a good question.

In 2010 your farmhouse got destroyed


It seems that there has been a very intense drought. As far as saffron in the food chain – if you have been making saffron for years and years – what happened in the 2010?

Well, our crop is not yet fully mature. And we have had many years of drought. We have had a huge harvest but still. And they are a large crop. And they have had many years of drought.

And now, the fact, that our farmers are unable to take out, now there is a scarcity. There is a huge scarcity of seeds. And now they need a certain kind of seed. And in general, in an environment, there is a limited supply of seeds. And that limit is very, very important. You cannot

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