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Saffron’s rich aroma brings light and warmth to the body. That’s why saffron is used in the production of perfumes, hand cream, tea and oil extracts.

The main ingredient in saffron oil is saffolium angustifolium plantarum. The root is used in several plants including saffron oil, saffron flowers, saffron seeds and saffron chamomile.

Some studies show that consumption of saffron oil can reduce the risk of diabetes.

How is saffron safe?

Saffron oil has no adverse effects at high doses, or in doses in excess of what is considered safe by experts.

How safe is saffron on your skin?

There’s no evidence of skin sensitivity and no direct evidence of damage done to your body from saffron using products. However, it is possible that, at high concentrations, saffron oil can cause allergic reactions.

What can saffron do for your skin?

Saffron helps nourish your hair and skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Your skin benefits from the presence of saffron.

Can saffron damage my skin?

There’s no direct evidence of damage done to your skin if saffron has been ingested. However, it can be irritating, so your daily exposure to saffron is important. The only concern is that you could find an irritating chemical or flavour in the oil, which may cause irritation. Other ingredients in saffron can also be sensitizing to your skin, if they are used in excessively excessive quantities.

What happens if you don’t eat enough saffron oil?

If you’re in a diet controlled by restrictions to calorie consumption, including the saffron isopure cream, saffron can be difficult to obtain from the diet. But there are several foods your body can use in moderation, to keep them healthy and happy.

If you eat very little saffron, you can use it for the following reasons:

To add extra body and vitality to a smoothie.

To help the production of vitamin D.

To provide some vitamin E and other trace elements that are important to your body’s health.

To support good digestion.

To boost mood.

You can also add saffron to your daily health and beauty routine as

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